Sponsoring The Daily Block is the best way to help us ensure we can cover our costs each month and stay online.

By sponsoring us you are supporting The Daily Block which is not associated with Mojang in any way.

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Payments are usually processed within 24 hours and are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Each sponsor recieves a neat set of perks in return for their support, these are cosmetic bonuses and offer no gameplay advantages.

  • Golden badge in the game chat and special rank on Discord.
  • Extra player information on the Statistics System.
  • You can use colors and formatting in chat messages, private messages and signs.
  • Wear any block as a hat using the /hat command.
  • Edit your published books using the /book command.
  • Ability to join our servers even when they're full.

We're always looking for new ways to reward our sponsors. While these perks may change, we'll always try to keep them awesome.