Rule One: Don't be a dick.

  1. Don't be sexist, racist, nationalistic or homophobic.
  2. Keep all conversations to a sensible, respectful and appropriate demeanor.
  3. Don't intentionally annoy or upset others.
  4. Be a good community member, share your resources and/or knowledge.
  5. Above all, treat others how you would want to be treated.

Rule Two: This is my house. This is not your house.

  1. No offensive usernames. This includes anything ethnically defamatory, sexually graphic, hateful or anything else considered offensive by staff.
    If you have to ask whether a username is appropriate, then it probably isn't.
  2. Things are as they are for a reason, the rules are not up for debate.
  3. Leave the management of the server up to the staff, it's not your place to handle it.
  4. Use your initiative. Check the website first or ask around, if you're still unsure then ask the staff.
  5. Respect the staff and their decisions.

Rule Three: This is not a place for politics or religion.

  1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, please respect that and remember it's a two way street.
  2. Don't be intolerant or discriminatory to any religious beliefs or political groups.
  3. Staff will remove any content deemed unacceptable without warning. (This goes for conversations and people to.)

General Rules

  1. Don't mic or chat spam. It gets really annoying really quickly and will get you moved or kicked.
  2. No offensive usernames or profile images. If you have to ask whether a username or image is appropriate, then it probably isn't.
  3. Keep the conversation flowing and use your manners. Don't interrupt others and don't derail the topic.
  4. Try to use the right channel for the right activity, social channels are for everyone's general use and discussion.
  5. Rule of thumb; if you're talking across other people then you need to move to another channel.
  6. Don't tell everyone stories about your game, we're all doing other things and we're not interested - it's just verbal spam.
  7. If you're intending to record or stream content that includes the Discord chatter, please make sure everyone in the channel is okay with it first!
  8. Per usual, always ask a staff member if you have problems or need help.

Please see the server codex for specific server rules and guidelines.

If you have been banned from one of our servers, you can appeal the ban.

When you make an appeal:

  • Provide your username and what service you've been banned on.
  • State your case briefly and honestly. Chances are we know exactly what you did, and lying will not get you unbanned.
  • Be polite and understanding of the actions of all staff and users.
  • Take some responsibility for your actions.

Staff will review all submitted ban appeals on a case by case basis, taking into account the reason for the ban, duration of the ban thus far, actions of the banned player & of other players involved and then make a decision regarding the state of the ban.

Ban appeals can be emailed to us via the contact page.