Welcome to The Daily Block!

We're an awesome community full of people who are all about working together and having fun.

With a strong community spirit, great players and staff combined lots of love; we've crafted a fantastic place to just chill out and be yourself.

Check out why we're so awesome

Since 2011 we've played Minecraft together and our community has developed its own unique style and niche. We've never found another place anything like what we've got here.

Our founding philosophies are the same as day one; we want to provide an honest, up-front and fair community for everyone, no matter their background, to have fun and be themselves.

We've grown dramatically over the years, but we're still one hundred percent inspired and supported by our players. Our staff are approachable and someone’s always on deck if needed.

With our style and niche, we've got all these awesome people here who just want to be friendly, have fun and relax. Sound like your kind of place?

It's about getting involved, as people have said; we're just like one big family! Follow the Tumblr Blog, join our Steam Group and jump on Teamspeak.

We're not all just about Minecraft! We have groups for other games and monthly community events on and off Minecraft... we sometimes even have prizes!

So come on, join our server and community right now!